Jerae's Unity Alpacas

Our first cria, Rubie, was born on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at about 1:45 PM and weighed 19 pounds. Her fleece is very soft and crimpy. Her fleece color is  medium fawn like her mom. She is very active and loves to run in early morning and evening. She loves to nibble on things including gates, posts, straps, her mom's ears, and buckets.

Our second cria, Dante, was born on Wed., April 25, 2012 and weighed 18 pounds. His fleece is very soft and bouncy. His fleece color is medium brown unlike his mom who is a rose gray while his dad is an indefinite dark. He is very active and loves to nibble on everything including buckets, clothes, shoes, and fingers. He loves to run and play with Rubie!!

Our third cria, Lady Deelight, was born on Tues., May 15, 2012 about  8:30 AM and weighed 15.8 pounds. She has soft light brown fleece like her mom, Kenadee. However, we had expected her to be white like her sire, White Lightening.  She has won our hearts already!!

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