Jerae's Unity Alpacas

About Us    

We are two people who fell in love with these unique and amazing creatures when we first met them at their previous homes. We currently have 16 Huacaya alpacas located on our farm in the mountains of Blairsville, GA. We purchased two in December 2009 : Shatago AKA Tog (white male) and Noelle (beige female). In March 2010, we purchased Shatago's buddy, Jamocha AKA Mocha (medium brown). Later, in June of 2010, we purchased our fourth, Domenica AKA Meni (black female).  

In July 2011, we purchased two bred females from a farm here in Blairsville, GA. One is Kenadee (medium brown) and the other is Gracie (light rose gray).

In November 2011, we purchased 3 more males: Cooper (indefinite dark), Bullet (true black), and Buddy (gelded silver gray) plus a bred female named Precious (medium fawn).

UPDATE: Currently, these are the ones born on our farm: in 2012 Rubie - April 1; Dante - April 25; and Deelight - May 15; in 2013 Misty - April 29; Joy - Sept. 25; Toby - Oct. 8; in 2016 Bliss - April 7; Eli - April 29; Tillie - June 6!! 

Top right photo: some of our females are very grateful to Jerome for helping them reach some Bradford pear tree leaves. Yum Yum!!

Second photo: two of our females together enjoying the cool grass.

Third photo: some females grazing!!

Blairsville - Union County Chamber of Commerce

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